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When Dark Destroyed Light . . .[]

myths build the land of prophecy, they birth a greater power and the hunger that craves the waking moment where its teeth finally seep into glory. those who believe fault is to fall on tale and legend are those blinded by the greed of human kind.

there was a time where verais lived within fates of thrill and altruism. a time that was short lived by the hands of another kind.

war brought not only the plague but the crusade of brother against brother. power watched with its cousin, greed, as the original bloods of laevis and serus lead themselves to extinction. or so, what the remaining realms would convince themselves to be the eradication of two of the six founding names.

ah . . . but chaos decided that she was not yet fulfilled by the destruction of a race. no, her fun had only begun when the last of moon and sun welcomed themselves back home. dragging the war that was far from end at their heels.


Runes is an original tale created and developed by writers Anna & Percy. Based on their plotline of a medieval world, Runes consists of the history of a land once at war only to find itself torn by another battle looming for the grasp of power, of superiority. The Rune Wiki Page is an open platform for readers and creators of existing characters alike. Those who own one of the many incredible storylines of a recurring character are a noted collaborator to this page, being the ones to edit these pages accurately to said character. Verais awaits your victory . . .