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" Verais has not yet seen a day that was not tainted by the feud of brother against brother, foe against blood. " - The Hand of The King.

The Land of Verais, the regions and their sigils.

Verais is a world made up of four regions, surrounded by seas and homing The Four Kngdoms. While it is known that the siblings Laevis and Serus once held the higher power, a region was not founded in their name. Rather, before the battle of sun and moon the two reigned the entirety of Verais until their believed extinction.

After The First War fell to silence, Praeses would come forward as the overall power due to its immense riches and overflowing population. Praeses became the titled Capitol of Verais, if you will.

Aside from being home to the lands and gruesome creatures, the world was also origin of numerous lore that never failed to cross the seas. Their stories would be referred to as Veraic Legend or Veraic Myth. Often these were tales shared around a fire, seeking the adrenaline of fear within young children or grown soldiers.


The four kingdoms are ruled by a King and Queen hailing from Praeses and advised by a representative of each land, making up The Council of Verais. Evidently, Verais is far too large of a world for one region to singlehandedly maintain complete control. Therefore, while Praeses is declared the official monarch and their ruler as The High King, eons of aged history after the downfall of Laevis and Serus rightfully title the rulers of the remaining three kingdoms as King or Queen to their realm. Despite being ruler of a separate region, the King or Queen of Ceries, Nemis and Siera are still obligated to abide to The High Kings terms in order to keep peace as long as they remain a country to Verais.

The Council of Verais[]

The council is made up of a representative from each realm, presided by Praeses and consisting of some of the most known faces within the land.